A Haiku or Two, on Guilty Pleasures

January 16, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats.

Oh, hello there... Photo by Theresa Floyd

hello, swiss cake rolls
i see you, gleaming, packaged,
imma eat you up

Sarah J.:
cinnamon toast crunch
for breakfast on my birthday.
i am an adult.

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Get it all out, in verse, in the comments. (Missives to out-of-season fruits encouraged.)


Stephanie January 19, 2016
Bright, smooth, yellow curd.<br />Crumb crust. The perfect lemon<br />tart for breakfast, please.<br />
JulieBee January 17, 2016
no haiku for me, but where's this recipe?
Caroline L. January 17, 2016
here you go!
creamtea January 17, 2016
Boston Cream Pie slice<br />Waits, silently, in the fridge<br />No one is watching
Soozig January 17, 2016
Dang it, Jennifer...why couldn't you have reminded ME, EIGHT minutes ago when I was playing poet????
Soozig January 17, 2016
More is not always better<br />But big juicy melons<br />Oh delightful!
recipe4success January 17, 2016
The picture deceives the senses <br />the recipe<br />remains a mystery.<br />
Jen January 17, 2016
A haiku is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then 5 syllables again. Just FYI:)
Jen January 16, 2016
I am now jobless<br />The brownies lure me closer<br />Sweat pants clothe my ass
amysarah January 16, 2016
Save the guilt for things<br />worth being guilty about,<br />not simple pleasures.
Dina M. January 16, 2016
I see this picture<br />And all I can think about<br />Is eating this cake
Caroline L. January 17, 2016
here's the recipe!