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Finalists: Your Best Recipe that Cleans Out the Fridge

January 15, 2016

We've tested and tasted our way through the recipes for Your Best Recipe that Cleans Out the Fridge and have emerged with two promising finalists: Whole Wheat-Crusted Chicken Pot Pie with Kale, Butternut Squash, and Fresh Herbs from Jenya | BlueGalley and Eggless Strata with Butternut, Sausage, Kale and Fontina from lisina. Here's where you come in: We want to know which finalist will win your vote.

Head over to the contest page, and cast your vote!

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  • Jenya | BlueGalley
    Jenya | BlueGalley
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ChefJune January 16, 2016
Both these recipes sound tempting, but they both have the same ingredients in them. What is it with kale? PLEASE deliver me!!!!
Jenya |. January 18, 2016
Hi ChefJune, there are so many other hearty greens out there that you can sub for the kale. I just like how the bitterness plays off the sweetness of the squash. I give a few ideas for ingredient substitutions in my author notes, so that the recipe can be molded to what you have in the fridge. My husband is so fed up with kale, I have to sneak it into recipes now! ;)
paczryk January 15, 2016
How is that we must all have butternut squash and kale in our fridges? xDD
Smaug January 17, 2016
That seems to be the fundamental problem with this whole idea (apart from the general silliness of competitive cooking)- if you're any kind of cook, your refrigerator is likely to have (or not have) just about anything at a given time. My favorite recipe for this situation, Rice A La Gualala reads as follows; 1) cook some rice and 2) open the refrigerator and see what you can figure out.
Jenya |. January 18, 2016
Hi paczryk and oldunc, I hear you about the kale (and squash), not necessarily what everyone would have in the fridge. I offer various substitution ideas in the author notes for the recipe. You can use chard instead of kale or yams instead of squash. If you stick with the crust and the gravy as the basics, you can play around with the other ingredients depending on what you have :)