From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

January 18, 2016

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stood this weirdly warm—and then snowy—weekend.

I impulse buy produce.

A photo posted by Lindsay-Jean Hard (@linnylot) on

I impulse-buy citrus fruits. But no one can resist mandarin oranges that are smaller than a golf ball, right? —Lindsay-Jean

Photo by Sarah Jampel

Did some 'xperimenting with onigiri this weekend. And made some miso soup to round out the meal! —Sarah J.

The best part about eating breakfast on the windowsill is the pigeon-watching 🐦 #f52life #f52home

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The best part about eating breakfast on the windowsill is the pigeon-watching. —Leslie

First time in six or so classes at the Institute of Culinary Education that students took their own process shots by the window, in addition to still lifes and final shots. Must have been Sarah's hot new slideshow. So proud. —Kristen

Photo by Ali Slagle

I did the Kondo to my shirt drawer. Look how much space I have now to buy more stuff! —Ali


A photo posted by caro (@carolange13) on

New York's first snow of the season meant a walk with Sam's pup, Elsa. —Caroline

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James G. January 18, 2016
FYI, it's "onigiri" not "onirigi".
Caroline L. January 19, 2016
thanks for catching this, james! i've made the change.