Food Biz

A Haiku or Two, on Grocery Stores

January 23, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
In seventeen beats.

Photo by James Ransom

impulse buy fruits and
vegetables like they’re gum
in the check-out aisle

maybe nothing is
so soothing as the lush case
of greens, wet and cold

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Frances January 27, 2016
Express Lane<br /><br />Yes, they must have stood<br />In the wrong lane when math brains<br />Were being issued out.<br /><br />Once again they stand<br />A cart filled with groceries<br />Right in front of me.<br />
amfelici January 24, 2016
cheese platter tonight<br />let us be practical here<br />which brie shall we choose
LauriL January 24, 2016
beets touching carrots<br />kale nestled near green beans<br />live long on rainbows
Jesse B. January 24, 2016
threads of celery<br />are just vegetable zippers<br />channeling water
LauriL January 23, 2016
sustenance is for<br />us to find in all<br />those lovely green piles