Valentine's Day

Things to Do on Valentine’s Day (That Have Nothing to Do with a Candlelit Dinner)

February 10, 2016

Things we like about Valentine's Day dinners out: The romance of a night out, the opportunity to get dressed up for a date with our honey, the "complimentary" Champagne. Things we don't like about Valentine's Day dinners out: The high price tag, a room of other couples doing exactly the same thing, the pressure of making sure things end up just right.

Photo by Bobbi Lin

This year, skip the reservation and scrap the whole thing! Spend the day doing the unexpected! Because what is more like a relationship than the spontaneity of a day exploring the unknown? (We digress.) Here are 4 activity and food pairings that go together as well as you and your special someone:

Chinatown and Congee

Photo by Mark Weinberg

If you live in New York City, make like our editor, Caroline, did once and start the day in Chinatown, where a few shops offer aura readings. As she puts it, "It's very romantic to see your person's chakras a-glowing. And you get a Polaroid souvenir!" Afterwards, head over with your partner (and your warm glows) to split a plate of dumplings or a bowl of congee (two spoons, please!).

Wine and Movies

Photo by James Ransom

We're not going to say that you should sneak a bottle of wine into a movie matinee (because that would technically be illegal). But we're not going to not tell you to sneak a bottle of wine into a matinee, either. Or prosecco or Champagne. (We'll just leave these right here.)

Beer and Bowling

Photo by Bobbi Lin

If the wine-and-movie plan doesn't float your boat, go the more, erm, legal route with beer and bowling. This one's easy: Grab a lane at your favorite spot, tease each other for each gutter ball, and raise a glass or two to the winner at the end of the game. (Maybe skip the ketchup-doused onion rings, though.)

Acroyoga Class and Pie

Photo by James Ransom

You know acroyoga? That two-person yoga where one person is always upside-down, mid-air and the other is undergoing various stages of struggling to keep said upside-down person from falling? Well, it can actually be very romantic. Join a class (some offer classes specifically for couples!), then head out for post-mid-air-contortion pie. Just because you both deserve it.

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Do you have any adventurous plans with your other half this Valentine's Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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702551 February 10, 2016
Might go for a hike and grab a beer at an outdoor brew pub. The forecast is epic (72 degrees) for Sunday the 14th. Could very well be a beach day.