From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

February 15, 2016

A glimpse into our editors' lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stand brave the cold.

My latest favorite addition to my dining room: A pothos in a charmingly dented copper pot of my grandparents'. —Lindsay-Jean

i am so happy to be in New York rn it is so sunny and warm!!!!!!!!!

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I am so happy to be in New York right now!!!!!!!!!!! It is so sunny and warm!!!!!!!!! [Editor's note: This photo is of Seattle's Gas Works Park; New York was about 0° F this weekend.] —Kenzi

Amanda Hesser's salty/vanilla/chocolate shaving/spice cookies warm from the oven, plus Christmas socks, because winter. —Amanda S.

lil morning flicker on loop

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I woke up early early early on Saturday—and spent the very chilly morning in bed, catching up on reading and watching this lil' flicker on loop. —Caroline

I celebrated Valentine's Day by making gingerbread cake in memory of my mom. Ate large quantities; felt loved. —Sarah D.

Hooray for freezing Sunday mornings when you realize you have a pack of frozen bagels deep in your freezer and all the ingredients for a bacon, egg, and cheese. —Leslie

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What did you get up to this weekend? Fill us in in the comments.

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702551 February 15, 2016
Sorry, it's 72 degrees here and the road to the beach was bumper-to-bumper traffic. No fog at the beach today, I checked various surf cams.<br /><br />The farmers market yesterday was superb despite the fact that some Chinese farmers didn't show up because they were celebrating Lunar New Year.<br /><br />You asked.