What Food Does on its Day Off

February 29, 2016

Leap Day is an extended version of that feeling you get when you realize you accidentally set your alarm for 6 A.M. rather than 7. It's an "extra hour!" for twenty-four hours. A freebie to do with what you'd like (whether that's getting a head start or, more likely, lazing around).

Thinking about our bonus time had us wondering what food would do if it had the day off from reality, too. If food had a day when it didn't have to be on our stoves or in our refrigerators or at the grocery store or on our plates, what would it do? What would it be?

Artist Adriana Gallo imagined what happens to food on a day that, three years out of four, doesn't exist. (And since we imagine that we would be New Yorker caption writers on our extra day, we wrote text to accompany them.)

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Happy Leap Day!

Photo by Adriana Gallo

"Maybe I should've chosen the 'lite' cream cheese." -Caroline Lange

Photo by Adriana Gallo

"Nobody thought to zest that thing before they hung it in the sky?" -Samantha Weiss-Hills

Photo by Adriana Gallo

"Something gave Carol the impression that her soup was out of season." -Leslie Stephens

Photo by Adriana Gallo

"I read that worms aren't organic." -Amanda Sims

Photo by Adriana Gallo

"Stiff peaks, bro." -Ali Slagle

Now it's your turn! Share your most clever caption(s) in the comments below!

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702551 March 1, 2016
Dairy farmers turn off their alarm clocks, wake up three hours later at 6 am. Do the stuff that many do on weekends for granted: have brunch, take the kids the tidepooling when it is actually low tide, wander around a museum.