Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

February 29, 2016

A glimpse into the Food52 team's lives: Here's how the world looks from our spontaneous travels, weekend recipe testing, and snuggle sessions with newborns (!!).

maybe one day I will own a salad spinner

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Recipe testing for A&M's upcoming cookbook this weekend, I learned I was in no way equipped to wash and dry three bunches of cilantro, one bunch of parsley, and a bunch of mint. But thank goodness for long dining tables and my Hawkins bowl. —Ali

"I've been looking for that sound." @newsomc #flyingmoonlight

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Played a solo guitar recital to people checking their internet dating profiles. —Clint

This technically isn't from the weekend, but it's one of my favorite shots in a while—a hummingbird with a flowering plant. Captured in Ambergris Caye, Belize. I find it magical to watch these tiny (smart) little creatures hover and flit from flower to flower. —Jackie

And I thought my mandolin was dangerous. #f52life

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My wife and I visited friends in Louisa County, Virginia, this weekend, and while wandering around a wonderful little antique store came across this wonder of the kitchen from before anyone was too worried about finger safety. —Jeremy

I got to meet gingerroot on my trip to Hawaii!

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We (along with our husbands) had dinner at Town, a restaurant in Honolulu. It's guided by the mantra "local first, organic whenever possible, with aloha always,” and gingerroot said that many of her Food52 recipes have been inspired by dishes she's eaten there. —Lindsay-Jean

Somewhat spontaneously (if there is such a thing), I hit the road to Vermont this weekend! We neared the end of our journey up there at dusk. —Jojo

Just my son and his band playing on our ski trip with my best friends. Nbd.

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Of course, I'm sending my son and his band playing après-ski in West Virginia. —Bridget

A boy and a 🌲

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We took a family walk through Rockefeller State Preserve, which links up with Blue Hill Farm in Pocantico Hills, New York. —Lauren

Had the most incredible brunch at Roman's in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. That arugula might look boring, but it was perfectly seasoned and dressed, with the naturally great peppery taste shining through. —Kate

I was in Miami this weekend, and did not hold back when it came to colorful beverages! —Francesca

I was testing pizza recipes from The Elements of Pizza this weekend. In three days, 6 of my meals (and one snack) were some sort of pizza. —Micki

Photo by China Hoffman

This weekend was all about settling in with our newborn son, Isaac. Our daughter, Mirabelle, is very excited to be a big sister. —Michael

I became an aunt (again!) to this adorable little guy! —Sarah B.

boker tov MF'ers

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​Hopped down south to Miami for a spontaneous weekend on the beach, and ended up in Wynwood, at Zak the Baker. Most amazing bread I have EVER had, plus the homemade "Nutella" schmear? Unreal. Dessert first, always. ​—Jane P.

After cookbook testing for Amanda and Merrill on Saturday, I dipped into Merrill's strawberry purée for a quick "test." And by test I mean dumping it into some delicious white wine and topping it off with some sparkling water—and now I'm ready for summer. —Sam

What did you get up to this weekend? Tell us about it in the comments.

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gingerroot March 2, 2016
It was so fun meeting you and your husband, Lindsay-Jean! I hope you'll come back to visit again someday.
Lindsay-Jean H. March 3, 2016
We showed Josephine pictures and she asked to visit all of the same spots with us, so we have to come back! And I hope you and hardlikearmour work on that roadtrip plan—the Midwest is calling!
Amanda S. March 1, 2016
Best FWWS ever!!