Beer Ice Cream and Other Things We Liked This Week

March  4, 2016

Propelled by our obsession with writing lists of things we like, the editors are sharing a few things that brought them joy this week. We won't call it self help, but we encourage you to give it a whirl. You'll smile.

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    Shelley Matheis
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    Cristina Sciarra
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    Ali Slagle
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Stephanie March 7, 2016
+1 on NYT Crossword App. It just makes me happy.
Shelley M. March 5, 2016
So wheres the beer ice cream? I just see the earl gray.
Ali S. March 5, 2016
I'm afraid it won't make an appearance on the site—it was developed for an upcoming cookbook!
702551 March 5, 2016
Just search the Internet, you're bound to find something.

Try searching for "Guinness ice cream." It was very trendy for a few years in the mid-Nineties; substitute lambic beer for the Guinness.
Cristina S. March 4, 2016
Yay lambic ice cream!
Ali S. March 4, 2016
It was incredible, Cristina.
Sarah J. March 4, 2016
The best thing I ate this week, month, year.
Cristina S. March 4, 2016
Uh oh. Did it usurp the toast?!
Ali S. March 5, 2016
Sarah J. March 5, 2016
Cristina S. March 5, 2016
Ha! I made that five months ago, and I think I should retest it..for quality control purposes..