St. Patrick's Day

A St. Patrick's Day-Approved Breakfast Sandwich (for the Morning After)

March 15, 2016

In the name of wearing all things Kelly green and long, celebratory nights (who's idea was it to put the whiskey into the Guinness?), we're introducing another Irish-American invention: The corned beef breakfast sandwich.

Photo by Linda Xiao

Instead of cabbage and potatoes, this version from our Test Kitchen Chef, Josh Cohen, uses baby bok choy and bread—the perfect vehicle for sopping up a runny egg yolk (and the Guinness from last night). Once you've woken up from your St. Paddy's Day festivities, all you have to do is gently cook the greens and slap them onto a piece of bread—then top them with corned beef, scallions, and an egg.

The beef acts in the same way bacon does in a BEC, adding a fatty, briny kick to the runny egg and slightly caramelized greens. Corned beef is, after all, built for leftovers (the salt cure preserves its flavor and keeps it fresher, longer)—and what pairs better with Irish coffee than an Irish breakfast sandwich?

What's your favorite Irish-American St. Paddy's Day tradition? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Annette Lowrie
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    Shawn McDonald
I eat everything.


KellyBcooks March 17, 2016
I make colcannon each year, with a touch of garlic instead of scallions. It's always a hit. Big family lunch at a local pub for CB&C, bagpipes, jigs, and face-painting; green beer of course. Maybe squeeze an Irish car bomb in there with my brother. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Annette L. March 17, 2016
Lucky me! I have all the ingredients on hand and tomorrow is St. patrick's Day. Thanks for the recipe.
Rhonda35 March 15, 2016
Looking forward to trying this soon!
susielou March 15, 2016
I celebrate my birthday!
Shawn M. March 15, 2016
New? I've eaten this every time I've made corned beef for the past 20 years.
Leslie S. March 15, 2016
I wish I'd known about it for as long! How do you serve yours?
Sarah L. March 15, 2016
Fresh Ham, cabbage, spuds - turnip with lots of butter and mustard!
Olivia B. March 15, 2016
This is my dreaaaaaaam.
Amanda S. March 15, 2016
Me too! Me too!