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From Where We Stand: Our Weekend in Photos

March 21, 2016

A glimpse into the Food52 team's lives: Here's how the world looks from where we stand—in secret spice corners, among the tulips, and with the best almond croissant in New York.

This, from a secret corner at Nhà Minh in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where they make amazing grain bowls with local vegetables, their own hot sauces, and apparently their own spices, too. —Kristen Miglore

The Cobb salad at Sadelle's doesn't mess around. —Leslie Stephens

My cat was as surprised as I was that you can pickle yet another ingredient: grains. —Ali Slagle

Making bread, m'smen, with my favorite four year old. #hotbreadkitchen #f52life #firsttry #thepiglet 🐖 cc @turshen

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Inspired by the 🐖, we took our first stab at The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook. I'm biased, but my son Hudson seems like a pro. Maybe that's the trick to baking—the confidence of a four-year-old? —Lauren Locke

Turning over a new leaf.

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Turning over a new leaf. —Lindsay-Jean Hard

Spring training #preseason #captainspractice #f52life

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Ice cream in the park in March requires hats and gloves (not pictured)—but I'm okay with it. —Jane Whalen

A friend invited us to a Russian feast that included the traditional hangover food, little dumplings called pelmeni. I misunderstood the order of things and got the hangover the next day. —Rebecca Salisbury

There is something so peaceful and beautiful about the fresh air of the Hudson Valley on a Friday night. —Jackie Stauffer

summer fire escape garden here we come 🌿🙌🏻 @jimeadowcroft

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I picked up some seeds in preparation for my summer fire escape garden! Ignoring that it snowed this morning... —Meghan Murray

❤️👴🏼👍🏻 #MetBreuer #MetUnfinished

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The Met Breuer opened up in the old Whitney space this weekend. Their first exhibition, "Unfinished," is amazing. This painting, by Lucien Freud, was one of my favorites. —Victoria Maynard

d a n g

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Weepy at the farmers market, tulip edition. —Caroline Lange

Had what I think may be the best almond croissant in New York City from Patisserie Des Ambassades, a Senegalese and French café in Harlem. Super flaky, with a serious layer of almond paste. —Kaitlin Bray

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