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11 Ways to Get Your Fill of Flaky Doughs

March 28, 2016

There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to serve something is inside something else you can eat: Scoops of ice cream are somehow sweeter on a cone, beans are better in a burrito, and even kale salad gets cooler when you put it in a sandwich. Separately, the butterier and flakier something is, the better. And you can marry the two—edible vessel! flakiness galore!—via phyllo and puff pastry doughs.

Phyllo dough and puff pastry are each buttery , pastry doughs rolled thin and layered so they fill up with steam when baked—ultimately creating crispy craggles of crust that will flake pleasantly with every bite. (NB: Though similar, they are different; The Kitchn has a great article about why.) Lucky for you, you don't have to make phyllo or puff pastry dough (though you certainly could). Instead, pick some up in the freezer aisle, thaw it, and fill it up in any and all of the following ways:

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Sarah E Daniels

Written by: Sarah E Daniels

It's mostly a matter of yeast.