12 Ways to Bring Punchy, Salty Miso to Every Meal

March 30, 2016

If your spring cleaning itch is spreading from the house at large to the contents of your refrigerator, your thoughts may already have wandered to the tub of white or yellow or red miso (or all three) in the fridge's back corner. It's in there getting nervous for you to reach back and snatch it out.

Which you should do. Miso's good for a lot more than soup (though it's very, very good for soup), and you can put its salty, punchy muscles to work in every meal of the day: Put it in your morning oats, your marinades, your tofu glazes, your slaws. Reach into the fridge and snatch out the miso—and make these:

White Miso

Yellow Miso

Red Miso

Where do you put miso to use? Share your ideas—soupy and otherwise—with us in the comments.

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