What You're *Really* Making for Lunch Every Day

April 13, 2016

Every week, I share lunch tips with all of you—how to get it to work safe and sound, why dumplings are a lunchtime hero, and, why you should be eating your sandwich out of a bowl. And every week, you read, share, and comment on these articles—but there's never a way to be certain: How many people are actually following this advice? Are you all having Not Sad Desk Lunches?

The answer—I'm proud to report—is: Yes!

Since we launched our app, (Not)Recipes, you've been sharing photos of your actual desk lunches in droves—with beautiful salads, eggs, avocado post! Here's what you're all really eating for your Not Sad Desk Lunches:

Desk Lunches:

Pssst! Click on the photos to see the ingredients and how each lunch is made!

Desk-Free, Weekend Lunches:

Do your lunches look like this? What are you really bringing for lunch? Tell us in the comments below and download the app to share your own!

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I eat everything.

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lem M. April 20, 2016
Oh how lovely to see this, always nice to get a peak at what everyone else is eating!
I am the eater of the mozzarella and olive bruschetta (and owner of those very white bare feet, which now I am embarrassed not to have cropped out of the picture) and had no idea my (not)recipe had been featured here (Thank You!) I truly love your app, but it would be nice if there was some kind of notification in cases like these, just so one doesn't miss it … oh and while I didn't eat at my desk it was most definitely not the weekend but late lunch on a pretty busy work day. I always try to make sure to step away from the desk for the actual eating, even if it is just for a few minutes of sitting in the sun on the floor; if that doesn't count I am afraid I misunderstand the whole NotSadDeskLunch concept and have been using the tag wrong all the time. Sorry!