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9 Ways to Put an Egg on It (According to Our App)

April 20, 2016

Eggs are like that friend who's always up for anything. Just name the time and place and they'll be there—and make whatever it is better. Have a slightly sad salad that needs a boost? Egg it up. Want to kick your sandwich, or your burger, or your pizza up a notch? Put an egg on it.

Photo by James Ransom

But we aren't the only ones calling upon eggs as our wingman for their meal-boosting abilities. Here are 9 ways to add eggs to any meal, inspired by your posts on our (Not)Recipes app:

1. Serve one over pasta:

2. Tuck them into bed(s of lettuce) and salad:

3. Hard-boil a few, chop, and serve:

4. Fry or poach, then put it on toast:

5. Fry or poach one and lay it over potatoes:

6. Let them fry:

7. Serve one, sunny-side up, over avocado toast:

8. Stick them in a sandwich:

9. Or, let them fly solo:

What are your favorite ways to put an egg on it? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Alexandra Palmerton
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    Leslie Stephens
I eat everything.


Jr0717 April 24, 2016
Poached on polenta with plenty o' greens and garlic!
Clover88 April 23, 2016
My Norwegian husband hard boils eggs and chops them up, mixes that into melted butter, then uses it as a condiment on boiled cod. Just sayin'.
Alexandra P. April 20, 2016
Thanks for featuring my photo. My dog (Bacon) is thrilled he made the cut.
Leslie S. April 20, 2016
Bacon! <3