Our Latest Contest: Your Best Shaved Salad

May  9, 2016

If spring isn't the crunchiest season—the greenest, most crisp-cool-clean-refreshing season—we'll eat our hats. But preferably, shaved salads: ribbons and slips of thinly sliced vegetables as bracing and fresh as spring itself. Think long, wispy carrot shavings tossed with lentils and dots of feta; a green-as-green-gets fennel and dandelion number; thin fans of radishes or beets or both in a salad or composing one all on their one. (Think of all the slaws!)

Photo by James Ransom

We want to see your favorite shaved salads for spring—which is why we're launching a whole contest that celebrates them. To submit yours, head over to the contest page.

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