Name These 2 Antique Tools and I'll Mail Them to You

May 12, 2016

UPDATE AND ANSWER: While my favorite guesses were butter ball shaper (so cute, Bevi!) and "Sugarloaf extingisher for a Feuerzangenbowle" (an excellent suggestion from DrJunge), only few of you correctly guessed both tools' true purposes: melon baller and ice cream scoop. Thank you to everyone who participated—the winner is Paul Gracie, who I'll be shipping these out to very soon.

Is anyone else a total sucker for antique kitchen tools, so much so that you're inclined to buy them even when you have a modern version that works much better? Hi, hello, you are my people. I know you're out there, because in February you rose to our call for help identifying this selection of old tools submitted by Food52 user Kyleen.

Today, a new challenge:

I picked these two cuties up at Brimfield, the massive antiques market that's going on now (and through the weekend) in Massachusetts. If you can identify them both correctly, I'll put them in a box and ship them to you (and if lots of you identify them both correctly, I'll randomly select a winner to send them to). So yes, I know what these tools are for—but do you?

Tool 1

Two handles, two hinges, and holes on either side of the base.

Tool 2

Long metal handle, conical head, and heart-shaped mini-handle connected to two prongs inside the cone.

Look familiar? Name these two tools correctly in the comments for a chance to have them mailed to your door.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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M P. May 30, 2016
PS I'd really like to find out - I have inherited one of each of them!
M P. May 30, 2016
1) Melon baller & 2) Candle wick cutter
Laura S. May 19, 2016
Candle Flame Snuffer and a Garlic Press
bugbitten May 16, 2016
Berry and grape juicer, lantern and candle snuffer. Around 1870, I'd guess.
Sandy May 15, 2016
It's a wick cutter for a candle and the other one is a candle flame snuffer.
ss2910 May 14, 2016
1st: cherry pitter; 2nd: no idea
luvcookbooks May 14, 2016
Nut cracker (1) and strainer (to make purees) (2).
Ted S. May 13, 2016
OOps got my numbers switched. 1. Mellon baller. 2. Ice Cream scoop. Im staying with my opinions!
Bevi May 13, 2016
1. shaper to make individual table butter balls 2. scooper for shaved ice for old fashioned snocones with old fashioned syrup
Ted S. May 13, 2016
1. ice cream scoop
2. Mellon baller
Meagan May 13, 2016
1. Garlic press
2. Coffee scoop
LouLou May 13, 2016
I would say that number one is a lemon squeezer and the second is a candle snuffer!
Nancy May 13, 2016
my suggestions:
garlic press
rice presentation (pick up cooked rice in a cone shape. tap down or let set. release over a dish by moving the two prongs with the heart-shape key)
Arthur K. May 13, 2016
1. Champagne opener
2. Fat melter (I saw someone keeping it into the fire, took it out, put a piece of caw fat into it and let it melt over some opened oysters. It was delicious )
Kel May 13, 2016
I think the first tool is a bottle capper and the second one maybe a sugar cone maker
SeasonToTaste May 12, 2016
Garlic press and ice cream scoop
Denise P. May 12, 2016
1. Fruit corer
2. Ice cream scoop
stefanie S. May 12, 2016
First one is a lemon squeezer, second one is a butter/cheese molder.
Megan May 12, 2016
Ice cream scoop and melon baller.
mrslarkin May 12, 2016
Lemon squeezer and ice cream scoop?