A Haiku or Two, on Good Eggs

May 21, 2016

Our thoughts on food and cooking
in seventeen beats.

Very good, indeed. Photo by James Ransom

Samantha Weiss-Hills:
how to be a good
egg: don't break until you hit
the hot pan—crack, splat!

Caroline Lange: good egg, good enough
to what—eat? hold? coddle? what
a kind of reward

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An ode to an egg. Write yours in the comments.


Sharon (. May 23, 2016
brown egg, white egg<br />each with a sunny yellow yolk<br />just like us
marymary May 23, 2016
Fried, boiled, scrambled, poached...<br />Nothing better than an egg.<br />Bonus: They're healthy!
Jackie B. May 21, 2016
Tweet all day of eggs<br />No other food can exist<br />Should I say, egg-ist.
bbobnyc May 21, 2016
Mustard Green with blooms<br />No clue how to cook these up<br />Yay Food 52!
bbobnyc May 21, 2016
Love these food haikus!<br />Please add as a top tab, and<br />Let us vote on faves!<br />
Windischgirl May 21, 2016
He doesn't cook much,<br />But hubby shows love with<br />Saturday omlettes.