A Photographer's Favorite Picks from Our Wedding Registry

May 26, 2016

As an editorial and commercial photographer, Bonnie Tsang knows the importance of a strong personal aesthetic; she's always tended towards "light and airy" images and interior design with minimal fluff. But having been a single mom for seven years, she's no stranger to the messes and imperfections of real life—knowing how to capture the beauty in them is what has made her work so popular.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Just like millions of other people, we love catching up on Bonnie's expertly-curated pins and portraits of her day to day on Instagram—she channels a relaxed, relatable, and contagiously positive energy that she wanted to continue through her registry when she got recently engaged. And—you should be able to hear us cheering—she chose to register with Food52!

Below, Bonnie was even kind enough to share her favorite ten picks from our Shop, along with what she loves about them.

Round Nesting Ramekins

"I like simple baked dishes for breakfast, like coddled eggs. These are great for my soon-to-be small family of four."

Mauviel M'passion Copper Sugar Saucepan 1.9qt

"This is great for melting butter or simple sauces. And I'm obsessed with copper."

Staub Mini Round Cocotte, 0.25qt

"These are so cute and [you] can't go wrong with Staub—perfect excuse to make french onion soup for my family."

Hibachi Grill

"I've been looking for a good grill that's good looking. This is it! I can make Japanese style grilled fish with miso sauce with it."

Donabe: Classic And Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking

"I like "clean" eating (less oil, less salt and more steamed), so I've been exploring more donabe dishes. This book would be great to help me come up with more ideas."

Sugar + Cream

"I have a "thing" for this sugar bowl and creamer. Love the minimal design and the little touch of leather."

Brass Walnut Pour Over Coffee Stand

"Can't say I'm a coffee expert, but I do enjoy grinding good coffee beans and do pour over every morning. This coffee stand is so gorgeous that it'll make me look forward to making coffee even more!"

Recycled Wool Throw

"Just bought a new (more masculine) bed, now that a man is in my life. This super soft wool throw would be perfect for the deeper, darker tones I'm going after."

Seashore Baby Hooded Towel

"I'm pregnant! So I need this (ha). Aside from that, the terry cloth has great absorbency, which is important to me."

Magnetic Photo Bar

"Being a professional photographer, I have an insane amount of photos to put on my wall. This photo bar is just what I need to have an ongoing rotation of photos throughout the year."

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Written by: Amanda Sims

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