15 Spicy Dishes that Will Make Your Summer Even Hotter

June  6, 2016

If you're like me, food isn't spicy enough until my eye waters, nose runs, and my mouth is on fire. It's one of those experiences—like watching a thriller or sitting outside at summer's peak—that's somewhat painful yet enjoyable at the same time. And if you, too, rejoiced the day that Sriracha was released in ketchup-sized packets, making it even more convenient to bring out this quality in everything you eat, then you'll appreciate the newest spice in our Shop: It's a subscription service for hot sauces, meaning that with a single purchase you (or your favorite hot-sauce lover) will get twelve different, fieryl hot sauces delivered to your door in quarterly batches throughout the year.

To say we're excited about it is putting things lightly—it's the perfect gift for the hot sauce-lovers in our lives!—and because we unabashedly like our hot sauces right atop already-spicy recipes, we rounded our favorites up to celebrate. Here's a list of 15 spicy dishes to turn up the heat (and we won't tell anyone if you shake a little of your favorite hot sauce right on top).

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  • Jenny Maria
    Jenny Maria
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    Briana Riddock
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Jenny M. June 7, 2016
I am totaly like you, if it's not a near dead expirence it is not spicy
Briana R. June 7, 2016
Haha! Yes, that's the real deal level of heat! You got it right!