Our Latest Contest: Your Best Tofu Recipes

June  6, 2016

Tofu's not just everyone's favorite bean curd (!)—it's also a secret force working for good, a behind-the-scenes acrobat making waffles tender-crisp and creamy on the inside; giving vegetarian burgers some muscle; or masquerading as vegan paneer in a wonderful mush of saag. It makes vegan scrambles possible, yes, but also sings alongside meat in many a dish (like ma po tofu).

That's why our latest contest wants to see your best treatment for tofu: Do you pan-fry triangles until super-crisp on the edges? Or toss it together on a sheet pan with kale and coconut for a one-pan dinner? Crisp it into a larb? Whizz it into a smoothie or the filling for a chocolate pie?

Show us!

Photo by James Ransom

Head over to the contest page to submit your recipe.

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