9 Spicy Foods to Make in a Heat Wave

When the going gets hot, the hot get going. And with a heat wave rolling in, that means it's time to dive into a plate of spicy food to temper the weather. Here's what to cook when you can't catch a break from the heat:

What spicy foods do you make to beat the heat? Tell us in the comments.



kimikoftokyo July 25, 2016
South Indian curry chicken and very spicy Japanese curry chicken or lamb with a side of sticky rice. My friend makes me lots of spicy chicken or lamb with a side injera.
Annada R. July 22, 2016
Here's a link to my chutney article

Annada R. July 22, 2016
I make hot chutneys and use them as sandwich spreads, dips, vinaigrettes and topping sauces for fajitas, enchiladas.