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The 25 Designs Most Frequently Spotted in our Registries

June 15, 2016

When I recently pulled a list of the products that have proven most popular on our wedding registry over the past year, I was expecting a long list of big ticket pieces: pewter cake stands, copper pots, Japanese knives. A registry is, after all, a wish list that you might actually receive gifts from—so why not go big? (Fact: I would be a nightmare of a bride.)

What I found instead—a mix of some of the designs we were most excited to launch, woven through with pieces that I hadn't even considered for a registry before—very much surprised me. And delighted me. Here's what brides and grooms are most likely to register for from our Shop!

Italian Flatware

In gold, black, copper, and more, our Mepra sets sure beat a drawer of bent forks and dull knives!

Stone Surfaces

They'll spruce up the average bar cart, act the throne to a royal court of cheeses, and our Pizza Stone—which does all of the above—goes right in the oven, too.

Moroccan Glass

It's hand-blown, recycled, and the breeziest blue—we can't resist either.

Hand-Crafted Dinnerware

Whether hand-painted, like our blue-patterned pieces from Art et Manufacture, or spun by a potter's hand, these carefully hewn plates, bowls, and platters make an impression.

Vintage Flatware

Officially speaking, life's more fun with a few surprises.

Prettier Grabbers and Spatulas

You know your rusty tongs, your melty-handled spatulas? It's time to bid them adieu.

Specialty Condiment Holders

Our beloved French butter keeper—and these exceedingly cute little achor-accented salt dishes—made your cut.


Something old, something new, something borrowed, something green!

Plus a few more odds and ends we find just as essential as you do (among the loot, a solid nonstick, clear glass storage, and a damn fine spoon rest):

And last but far from least, the book that no newlywed's home is complete without? Genius! (The numbers don't lie—and we love it.)

What's at the top of your registry? (Or the best wedding gift you've ever given?) Tell us in the comments.

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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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