A Simple, Elegant Father's Day Spread to Linger Over

June 19, 2016

When photographer and knife-maker Max Poglia asked to share a Father's Day menu from Via Carota, Jody William's Italian follow-up to the much-loved French bistro Buvette, we supplied a few multi-purpose tools to help them out: a Marble & Copper Serving Board and a Marble & Copper Canister, both from our buds at Hawkins New York.

Some of my first memories are of the long lunches I'd have at my family's table in the South of Brazil where I was born. As a family rooted in Italian heritage, my father always used to say (and still says), "Al tavolo non si invecchia," which can be translated as "at the table we don’t get old." That means, there's no rush. That made the perfect excuse for the adults at the table, who enjoyed long meals eating and drinking.

On Father's Day, it shouldn't be any different; that's the motto of the day.

As Chef Jody Williams and I began working together, we discovered we shared the same love for this Italian motto. From Jody, I learned a lot about how to properly entertain guests.

For example, always have something on the table that your guests can interact with—this will keep them busy! It can be anything, really. A beautiful set of knives, corkscrews, nuts and nut crackers...

Here are some more of Jody's tips for a simple yet memorable spring Father's Day meal to linger over:


Season fearlessly with sea salt and fresh black pepper. The knife that cuts the steaks is just as important! Let your tools become your jewels.


Cut it in half, grill it, add lemon and salt.


Whole artichokes are the DIY vegetable. Skip the butter go with aioli.

Vin Santo

A repose after the meal with a good digestif is the chef's favorite part. Vin Santo and Cantucci—the best gifts are often acquiring old traditions.

All photos by Max Poglia.

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