Where to Pick Berries Around New York—Right Now!

June 28, 2016

We’re in that precarious-but-exciting cusp when strawberries are (already) leaving us and raspberries are quietly making their entrance. That means it’s the ideal time to go pickin’. They will be the best berries you have ever eaten, no exaggeration whatsoever—and will convince you to go back when all the others (cherries, blackberries, blueberries!) are ripe for picking.

Before you go anywhere, call the farm to see what’s available at their U-Pick. More often than not, the farm’s social media accounts or website might list what’s typically available at this time, but not what’s ready for picking that specific weekend.

Here are 10 places to pick berries within a few hours from New York City—even mapped out for you! They’re the ones Cristina Sciarra and Yossy Arefi, two of our fruit-obsessed contributors, visit often. We thank them for their love of berries.

1. Fishkill Farms

This place is like farm as playground: They have a huge variety of fruit to pick, a lunch area, and in the fall, the best apple cider donuts. | (845) 897-4377

2. Lewin Farm

This one’s on Long Island and has a market and flower shop right across the street from the U-pick area. | (631) 929-4327

3. Patty’s Berries and Bunches

Just fifteen minutes down the road from Lewin Farm, Patty’s Berries and Bunches also has pick-your-own flowers, a stand with prepared desserts, and an “ice cream patch,” where you can pick your own ice cream flavors (a.k.a., order—get it?). | (631) 298-4679

4. Greig Farm

Greig, in the Mid-Hudson Valley, has berries but also goats you can feed! | (845) 758-1234

5. Mead Orchards

Not farm from Greig, this is a great all-around choice—it doesn’t have frills like a corn maze or hay rides, but it has beautiful views of the Catskills. | 845-756-5641

6. Lawrence Farm Orchards

Lawrence already has sour cherries, which is super exciting. They do charge an admission fee, but they have a huge selection of produce. | 845-562-4268

7. Alstede Farms

This farm, located in New Jersey, has a lot of activity. Some weekends, they have a moon bounce, pony rides, and even currants for picking. | (908) 879-7189

8. Donaldson Farms

This one has a whole lot of attraction in addition to berries, including a field of sunflowers and pie! It’s also close to Alstede Farms. | 908-852-9122

9. Kelder’s Farm

To be honest, I had to include this one because they have mini golf. But they also have a good variety of fruit and veg and flowers. Another plus, they’re down the road from Westward Orchards, which has wood-fired pizza as well as U-pick produce, though not a lot of berries. | (845) 626-7137

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For more, and to find farms if you’re outside the New York area, head to It’s a comprehensive resource that, bonus, identifies the farms that use organic and sustainable farming.

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Top Comment:
“Kelder's Farm also has a cute playground for the kids and a farm animals to visit. Directly across the street (left side of the white building with the U-Hauls) is a shop with delicious take-away pierogies. ”
— Malia

What do you look for in a U-pick farm? And what are your local favorites? Share with us in the comments!

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Cristina S. July 1, 2016
Yes! I would like all the berries, please.
renee June 29, 2016
Hurd Orchard in Holley, NY is a wonderful place to pick blueberries. Planning to pick when there is a luncheon is a double treat! If you can't make a luncheon there is a bakery with lots of great treats and wonderful shopping!
caninechef August 2, 2016
There is also Hurd's Family Farm in Modena NY, much closer to NYC. Not sure about berries but I know they have a lot of fall themed activities.
mrslarkin June 29, 2016
We've been going to Fishkill Farms every Fall for over 20 years. It's the best!
Malia June 28, 2016
Kelder's Farm also has a cute playground for the kids and a farm animals to visit. Directly across the street (left side of the white building with the U-Hauls) is a shop with delicious take-away pierogies.