Car Cobbler & Other Things We Liked This Week

July  1, 2016

We're writing to you from Long Island, where the editors are on a brainstorming retreat. You know there were good snacks, so lots of things to like. Here's a few:

A bit more on some of what we're talking about:

A really colorful, proper chopped salad for sharing from the editors—blanched fava beans, fried dandelion greens and purple kale, diced peaches, zucchini, cucumber, feta, and halved cherry tomatoes. And basil! Plus harissa and preserved lemon dressing on top. Not too bad for a Wednesday lunch.

What'd you like this week? Make a list, or share below!

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Rita July 15, 2016
Why is there no recipe for car cobbler?
EmilyC July 1, 2016
Do tell -- what is car cobbler?!
Ali S. July 15, 2016
Car cobbler is the act of eating cobbler in the car. We found it makes for a very good dish to pass around the car for everyone to spoon from!
Rita July 15, 2016
Fun terminology that makes sense now, but it's a tad inaccessible if it needs an explanation.
Amanda S. July 1, 2016
This has been VERY meta for me, in the best way.