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July  9, 2016

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Meet Jenné Claiborne, the blogger behind Sweet Potato Soul. Between becoming a health coach and vegan chef, Jenné channels her Southern roots and love for sweet potatoes into a vegan lifestyle and recipe blog. Jenna's history in acting means she glows in front of the camera for her Youtube channel, where she demonstrates the dishes she features on her blog.

Jenné put her spiralizer to work to make Sweet Potato Noodles and Creamy Almond Sauce, a recipe inspired both by her favorite ingredient (sweet potatoes, of course) and her travels in Thailand.

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Here are a few words about Jenné:

Photo by Jenné Claiborne

I started blogging way back in 2010. At the time it was just a hobby, something to keep my creative juices flowing while pursuing my acting career in New York. I remember daydreaming about writing cookbooks and having a cooking show. It seemed, and still does seem, to be a fantastic way to combine my love of performing with my passion for creating delicious food.

Becoming vegan turned my blogging hobby into a real passionate desire to help others become vegan by inspiring them with incredible recipes. I love the sensory experience of eating—I love spicy foods, and those that are full of flavor. I also have a sweet tooth, so chocolate, cinnamon, and maple syrup often make their way into my dessert recipes. (My other favorite ingredients are fennel seeds, tahini, cilantro, ginger, pumpkin seeds, and jalapeño peppers—but it’s an ever-changing list.) I am also inspired by fresh seasonal produce, my Southern upbringing, and my travels around the world.

Photo by Jenné Claiborne

Since I was a little girl, sweet potatoes have been my favorite food. I love how versatile they are, and they serve as a great canvas to create a recipe with. This recipe was inspired by the 6 weeks I spent in Thailand in 2011. Though it has been 5 years, I am constantly craving the flavors I encountered there. Thai cuisine is a dance of savory, sweet, and spicy—plus, texture is important. These noodles combine the sweetness of the sweet potato, tang from fresh lime juice, heat from spicy Thai chili, and richness from the soy sauce and vegetables. It’s great served hot or cold. This recipe is definitely my summer jam!

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Jenné's blog is Sweet Potato Soul. What food blogs did you love this week?

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Nico S. July 9, 2016
I love to see vegans representing on Food52! Thanks for this great feature and recipes from a beautiful blog.
Briana R. July 9, 2016
We appreciate your love! Thank you!