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Our Deepest, Darkest S’more is Salty, Seductive & Anything but Ordinary

July 27, 2016

This s’more is tall, dark, and handsome—except actually very squat. A tall drink of water, but crispy, salty, and in no way hydrating.

It’s a Burnt Cinnamon Toast & Chocolate S'more, and takes all you know about a s’more and makes it more—the most—seductive:

  • Trade sturdy graham crackers for soft cinnamon swirl bread that you’ve charred to a deep golden brown (or burnt, if you really live on the wild side).

  • Your classic Hershey’s can sit this one out. Go for dark chocolate.

  • Sprinkle that dark chocolate with flaky salt.

  • And while we’re at it, the marshmallows should be chocolate, too: store-bought or homemade.

Why—you ask—why should you do this to your s’more? It’s what we imagined when we thought about our truest, deepest, darkest desire for a s’more: burnt intentionally, and all over. Salt, spice, and chocolate screaming. And, frankly, just more s’more: Using bread instead of crackers turns an amuse-bouche of a dessert into a spectacle.

There’s a lot of ways a s’more can go—we went here. Friends at some other sites are dreaming up their best s’mores; check back on Friday for all the contenders in our s’mores-off. You can crown the winning s’more on Facebook Live! A home court advantage better be in play.

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Ariana July 31, 2016
Do you have any other chocolate marshmallow recipes? I have tried the one in the provided link and it does not work! It produces dense, light chocolate marshmallows.
PHIL July 27, 2016
Gimme the s'mores pizza at Catch NYC.