A Summer-Screaming Zucchini Schmear and 10 Ways It’ll Save Your Weeknight Meals

August 15, 2016

Jennie Cook's Zucchini Butter is a genius way to take advantage of the all the zucchini everywhere right now. Grated finely and stewed with olive oil and shallots, it's a fresh, comforting slurry that can liven up a week of meals.

Here are just some ideas for how zucchini butter can lift up a week's meals:

  • Shakshuka: Make a Zucchini Butter shakshuka by warming the zucchini butter in pan on medium heat. Place an egg in the middle and cook to preferred doneness. Lightly season with salt and pepper.

  • Pasta: Prepare your favorite pasta and reserve 1/2 cup of the pasta water. Heat the zucchini butter with freshly diced tomatoes and simmer together with the pasta water. Toss pasta in and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

  • Quiche: Line a pie pan with puff pastry. Whip 4 eggs together with 1 cup of heavy cream and a heaping scoop of the zucchini butter to make a quiche batter. Bake and enjoy for breakfast of lunch!

Lindsay-Jean Hard
Lindsay-Jean Hard
Zucchini Butter Shakshuka -- make zucchini butter (see link below), place in pan over medium heat, leaving space for eggs, crack egg(s) into the holes, cook to preferred level of doneness, sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with crusty bread. #breakfast #putaneggonit
  • Couscous: Make Summer Squash Couscous with Sultanas, Pistachios and Mint—mix couscous with the zucchini butter, sultanas, fresh mint, and pistachios (or whatever else you have around).

  • Grilled cheese: Lather the sides of bread with zucchini butter before adding grated cheese and griddling. Some spinach might be good in there, too!

  • Toast: Toast a few slices of crusty bread and sprinkle with salt and olive load. Load up on zucchini butter with a few slices of heirloom tomatoes and a dash of balsamic vinegar.

  • White Pizza: Use zucchini butter instead of tomato sauce and load up on mozzarella and fresh basil.
  • Salad dressing: Mix zucchini butter with tahini for a creamy, pungent dressing for hearty greens or grains.
  • Baked potato: Instead of sour cream or yogurt, smear some zucchini butter inside a baked potato. Bacon (not?) optional.

  • As a summer soffritto: Keep zucchini butter in your freezer (like this) for use a slice or two as the start of a soup, stew, or sauce.

How else do you use up all your zucchini? Let us know in the comments below.

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Maggie August 22, 2016
Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread!