Huevos Motuleños Is Your Excuse to Eat Breakfast for Dinner (Not That You Need One)

September 12, 2016

If you are looking for an excuse to have breakfast for dinner, Huevos Motuleños is that excuse. Aargersi's version of huevos motuleños honors tradition—her recipe includes the conventional egg on a tortilla with beans, cheese, and salsa—but introduces avocado in two ways. Between the avocado pico and the avocado-buttermilk crema, it almost outshines the egg (almost).

That avocado swoops in to cool the dish's heat: Refried beans are spiked with smoky, spicy chiles en adobo. And buried under the layers of avocado and beans and fried egg, you reach the the crispy fried tortilla holding it all up. So—breakfast for dinner tonight, right?

What's on your standard breakfast-for-dinner menu? Give us the rundown in the comments.

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