We Asked You to Show Us Your Saddest, Dullest Knife

August 10, 2016

A knife is basically an extension of a chef's hand—which means that a sharp one's crucial for efficient cooking (and for not crying over onions, and for keeping all your fingers). No wonder chefs and slightly obsessive home cooks alike are protective of and dedicated to their knives.

An extra-sharp, extra-versatile knife can be a game-changer, and we turned to Twitter: Who amongst you has the saddest, dullest knife? we asked. Show us! we dared. Loser (that is, owner of the saddest knife) wins one of our favorite knives, Zwilling's rocking santoku.

And boy, did you all deliver.

Congrats to our winner, owner of a knife that's truly seen better days. We can't wait to see what you chop up with your fancy-pants santoku:

And a big round of applause for the runners-up!

Tell us about your right-hand man—knife, we mean—in the comments.

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  • Rick
  • Rachel
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    Victoria Maynard
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    Olivia Bloom
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bellw67 August 11, 2016
The first one looks like it has accidentally turned into a serrated knife.
Rick August 11, 2016
Do people not know how to sharpen knives anymore?
Rachel August 10, 2016
I think Olivia's grandma should win.
Victoria M. August 10, 2016
These pictures are making me L-O-L! (Do people still say LOL??)
Amanda S. August 10, 2016
Me too! (Me2?) Love this a lot.
Rhonda35 August 11, 2016
I do, but I am decidedly uncool!
Olivia B. August 10, 2016
True story: my 96-year-old grandma refuses to buy new kitchen stuff (and rightly so), so she uses the blade of an old electric carving knife to chop and slice.
Olivia B. August 10, 2016
JUST the blade.
PHIL August 10, 2016
Amanda S. August 10, 2016
Rhonda35 August 11, 2016