Meet a Café-Owning Ukrainian Blogger (+ Make Her Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream)

August 13, 2016

Each week in Link Love, we introduce you to a blogger whose recipes made us hungry.

Meet Sasha Skrebtsova, the Ukrainian blogger behind Eat Me Blog. Owner of the Eat Me Cafe and big fan of American 60s culture, Sasha features mostly baked goods and lifestyle tips and ideas: Readers can learn how to lightly sweeten treats like her Vegan Coconut Ice Cream (that we spotted) and to knit beautifully crafted purses in the same place.

She also uses her blog to keep track of her slow living project, which inspires her (and her readers) to turn to simple seasonal recipes, reflection time, good coffee, and the pages of a good book to remind them to be present in their everyday lives.

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Here are a few words from Sasha:

Photo by Sasha Skrebtsova

Five years ago when I started dating my husband, I couldn’t even boil an egg (I always had to call my mom to ask whether I had to boil water first). He told me that he would be veeery pleased if I cooked anything; so I picked a recipe from a random blog and cooked it, then followed with another one. That's how it all started. When I was baking too much, he suggested I start a blog to share my food journey. My family is my biggest inspiration for my blog, because there’s no better time for me than gathering around a table for a homemade dinner.

Photo by Sasha Skrebtsova

I like recipes to be easy and not time-consuming, so I came up with this vegan chocolate-coconut-cashew ice cream that does not require an ice cream maker. You can make it from scratch in 10 minutes and in a couple of hours enjoy a delicious, richly-flavored summer treat. Besides, it contains no added sugar or processed ingredients, which makes me not afraid to give it my daughter.

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Top Comment:
“I love the blog features.”
— Natalie R.

I see that my daughter tends to want what my husband and I are eating so, I try to make desserts that are wholesome but don't sacrifice taste. I just couldn’t keep this recipe to myself.

Photo by Sasha Skrebtsova

A few more links we love from Sasha:

Brownies with Mascarpone Chocolate Ganache
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Sasha's blog is Eat Me Blog. What food blogs did you love this week?

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umer34567 August 22, 2017
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Natalie R. August 14, 2016
To the previous questions: the article is about a blog not related to this site, so the recipe isn't here. The link to the the recipe featured is under the second picture in the hyperlink text.

I love slow living blogs, but dislike dessert blogs because I don't like sweets outside holidays (I love keeping them special). Still, great find! I love the blog features.
Paul M. August 14, 2016
so, like, is there an actual recipe with this...or is this just a story about someone who likes to share their recipe??
Caroline L. August 14, 2016
Hi Paul! The story is here—but you can find the recipe over on her site! Here's the link to it:
Paul M. August 14, 2016
so, like, is there an actual recipe with this...or is this just a story about someone who likes to share their recipe??
jenn August 14, 2016
so where is the recipe!? im dying for it
Briana R. August 15, 2016
You can find the recipe on Sasha's site! Here is the link to find it directly there: