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Our Latest Contest: Your Best One-Pan Dinner

August 29, 2016

There's meditation and comfort to be found in recipes that call for using just about every dish you've got. But those are dishes for lazy weekends, vacations, birthday dinners, and the rare opportunities you have to get totally carried away in the kitchen. Much of the time between? As few dishes as possible, please.

"One pan" or "one pot" doesn't have to mean opening a box of pasta (though it well can—see Exhibit A); it can be lots of things: crispy-edged macaroni and cheese baked on a sheet tray, a cozy pan of chickpeas with chorizo or stewy, tomatoey chickpeas, a baking sheet’s worth of lamb meatballs with roasty cauliflower or baked tofu and kale.

Warm pan of chickpeas, chorizo, and chèvre, anyone? Photo by James Ransom

What are the one-pan dinners that feed you well through busy nights?

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Show us by submitting your recipes over on the contest page. The lucky winner will receive $100 to our Shop.

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