Our Latest Contest: Your Best Recipe for When You Want It to Feel Like Fall

September 12, 2016

Not that we're knocking summer or anything (Were you here for Tomato Week? We love summer)—but we​ really can't wait for fall. For being happy to turn on the oven again and baking bread. For creamy mushroom soups, apple dumplings, big pots of chili, sweaters, crispy mornings. Can you feel you feel the change in the still-sticky, 80-degrees-Fahrenheit air?

What do you make when you want autumn to hurry up and get here already? We're making our fall recipe bucket lists, and we want you to share the recipes you've been making (or looking forward to) as September begins to feel more like September and less like August.

Creamy mushroom soup nice enough to lie down in. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Share the recipes you make when you want it to feel like fall by entering them in our latest contest! Head to the contest page to enter them. One lucky winner will receive $100 to our Shop.

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