The Recipes—and Stories—of 3 Refugees Cooking in the U.S.

September 16, 2016

We've shared videos from journalist Katie Quinn here in the past. She's taught us the truly easiest way to get to the flesh of a mango and how to poach eggs in red wine sauce.

Now she's back—but with a different kind of feature. The following video, titled "Cooking to Remember Home," shares both the stories and the recipes of three refugees—Sea, Hem, and Matcho—living in the U.S.

And the format of the video matches the multi-dimensionality of the subject. Whereas a typical video player has minimal functionality ("start" and "stop" is usually the extent), this video, made with Verse, is interactive, which means it's easy to skip around to the parts of the story interest you most, as if you were using a book's table of contents.

After watching Katie's introduction, you can choose a story to begin with (or, skip to that fork-in-the-road right away by clicking on the "Pathfinder" button in the top right corner of the player). Once you've selected which interviewee to start with, you can dive into the conversation, where you can pick and choose the questions that most interest you.

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Or, you can hightail it straight to the recipe. Here, too, Verse enables you to jump between steps: You can cut right to watching Katie and Hem eat samosas, for example, or you can start at the very beginning and see the process through from start to finish.

And if you're feeling inspired to put on your own apron, here are some recipes inspired by those in the video:

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