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The Best Use We Know for an Extra (or Leftover) Bottle of Wine

December 10, 2015

There's always a bit of extra wine lying around at this time of year, whether leftover from a party or gifted over and over again (not that we're complaining). Today, KatieQ teaches us to put that surplus red to good use in the classic French dish les oeufs en meurette. Poach eggs in red wine, then serve them with croutons in a buttery sauce made from wine and lardons. We've already added it to our roster of holiday (and everyday) menus.

What's the smartest way you know to use up extra wine? Tell us in the comments!

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jcnNorcal December 11, 2015
Hipsters making ugly food, yuck. Keep it simple.
Leslie December 23, 2018
This is a classic bourgignon recipe, not a hipster prank.
It is also delicious. Many « hipsters » are actually young people who have curiosity about older traditions and inventions(e.g. typewriters, phonographs, herbs in windowboxes, a grandfather’s egg recipe). I am a grumpy woman in her fifties with little patience for modern life, but this video was delightful.
Leslie December 23, 2018
jcnNorcal December 24, 2018
It looked like a planned parenthood result. Honestly did you find that egg oozing into that field of blood red appetizing? My stomach turned.
Skylar December 10, 2015
What is this leftover wine you speak of?

Kidding! I like to use mine in sauces.
Caroline L. December 10, 2015
adambravo December 15, 2015
Ha! Beat me to it...
Coco E. December 10, 2015
Add one star anise, two broken cinnamon sticks, and three large strips of orange or lemon peel to a pan with a liter of fresh apple cider. Bring to the boil and take off the heat. Spike with any amount of leftover red and you've got yourself your stormy-night sip.