Watch This Very Enchanting Video of Fake Cabbage Being Made

September 20, 2016

It's been a whole week since I wrote this little ditty on Takizo Iwasaki, largely credited as the father of Japan's robust fake food replica industry. A refresher: In Japan, shokuhin sampuru ("food goods sample"), made of wax or plastic, are constructed as likenesses of actual food. They're frequently displayed outside restaurants to entice people walking by.

And here, above, is a totally enchanting video detailing the creation of some fake cabbage from wax. The video's just over a minute long, replete with some very mutable strumming guitar music, and it shows the delicate hands of a man working his magic. The process is clearly intricate and beyond my capabilities, and the outcome resembles a brain. No matter—it's a very pretty brain. I'd like to eat it.