Our Latest Contest: Your Best Savory (Winter) Squash Recipe

September 26, 2016

It may feel like it just became September, but we'd wager you've already had your first encounter with hard winter squashes—butternuts, Hubbards, pumpkins (or, at least, pumpkin spice). They make us want to get very cozy, roast pan after pan of them, turn them into soups and curries and rolls.

And we want to know: How do you cook them? In savory ways, that is. (Pies and custards and scones, you'll have to wait your turn.)

Photo by James Ransom

Show us by entering them into our latest contest. And make them good! The winner will receive $100 to our Shop.

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1 Comment

bellw67 September 26, 2016
I probably won't enter the contest because my fave squash recipe is very simple. Peel and cut into chunks, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with lots of Garlic Plus season. It does have salt in it. And then roast until tender. I've never tasted anything better.