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Announcing: Our First-Ever Food52 Home Collection!

October 25, 2016

A lot has happened since we swung the digital doors of our Shop open three years ago. We’ve sourced timeless cookware, handmade serving pieces, and beautiful bed linens. We’ve collaborated with some of our favorite makers to design special dinnerware, garden-scented candles, brightly-colored cakestands, and blue and brass pots. We opened up a temporary brick and mortar version of the Shop last holiday season and got to meet a lot of you! So we asked ourselves, "What’s next?" Well...

We’re thrilled, tickled, and delighted to bring you the first of the Food52 home and kitchen line—The Food52 Collection!—featuring designs we dreamed up, talked about, sketched on the back of scrap paper, sketched out again on the computer, debated (and ultimately totally agreed on), held, nitpicked, tested, photographed, and now… added to our Shop.

Shine bright like a... scalloped brass bowl from our first line of home decor. Photo by Alpha Smoot

If you've ever wanted to step right into a picture on Food52, we get it. Most of the images you see are shot in our office studio, and there are days we just want to move onto the set—burrow into the impossibly lofty pillows, curl up next to the faux fireplace, and pour ourselves a glass of wine into a handblown glass. We're now one step closer to breaching space and time to turn our (and your) homes into something Food52-inspired.

The Food52 home and kitchen line (so far!) includes vintage-inspired decor: stately-but-still-sweet candlesticks, wee bud vases, and scalloped brass bowls that could have come straight out of Gatsby’s mansion. There’s more to come throughout the season, so keep your eyes peeled (and your home ready) for new additions.

Just a few stems in our brass bud vase and TA DA! Charm out the wazoo. Photo by Alpha Smoot

The line found inspiration from something that's become nearly ubiquitous in our images (no, not a rustic wood surface and no, not a rumpled linen napkin): perfectly vintaged brass candlesticks, with swooping bases and delicate, leggy stems, and usually balancing a deeply-hued taper candle. “Where did you get those?” is a chorus that's heard in our comments sections, at our events, and when guests visit our offices.

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Top Comment:
“Now with your new collection, it just add to my already long list of thing I would love to buy!”
— Valerie L.

Alexis, our Art Director and stylist, has tracked them down at flea markets and antique stores, amassing an eclectic mix that make frequent guest appearances in our photos (and often steal the show!).

Our antique brass candlesticks are everywhere! Photo by James Ransom & Linda Xiao

After years of envy among our team of 64, our Shop team granted wishes and used those vintage pieces to inspire our very own candlesticks as part of the Food52 Collection. And like our antique favorites, they come in several different styles, heights, and finishes (vintage brass, vintage black, and shiny brass).

So, you’ve got your candlesticks, but what’s a Food52-inspired tablescape without a few flowers? Enter bud vases. They’ve got appropriately old-school looks and their wee size turns a few small blooms into a capital-A Arrangement.

And then we added a little more shine with art deco, scalloped, shiny brass bowls—to hold all manner of knick-knacks, tchotchkes, hoozits, and whatsits (some ideas: wrapped candies, rings, keys, and if you're us, pinecones!).

The candlesticks and vases come in a bevy of shapes, sizes, and finishes for a reason: Mixing and matching gets us as excited as the prospect of a giant pop tart. It’s like the composed salad of decorating. You've got your ingredients, and it's up to you how you want to put them together.

Cluster 'em up: Curvy, pear-shaped, long-necked, alike. Photo by Alpha Smoot

What other home goodies would you like to see as part of our future Food52-designed lines? Tell us in the comments below!

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Olivia Bloom

Written by: Olivia Bloom

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homedecor June 26, 2017
Love these designs! For more : https://flipboard.com/@burkedecor2017/burke-decor-qun15kjcy
txchick57 October 26, 2016
You can buy this stuff at World Market for less than half the price
Jovan October 25, 2016
Love these designs!
Victoria M. October 25, 2016
BRB adding everything to my cart!
Valerie L. October 25, 2016
When will you ship internationally??? Not very far just across the boarder to Canada would be nice. Now with your new collection, it just add to my already long list of thing I would love to buy!
Olivia B. October 25, 2016
So glad you like what you see, Valerie!

International shipping is in the works, but we're not quite there yet. Our shop is a bit unusual in that we curate items directly from artisans, designers, and small shops all over the country, so we don't have one central shipping location, making shipping across borders extra complicated (surprisingly so) but please know we're working on a solution.

We are hoping to expand by early 2017 so as long as you're subscribed to emails, you'll be among the first to know when we launch international shipping! Stay tuned!
Valerie L. October 26, 2016
Thanks Olivia, looking forward to 2017...