A Giant, Party-Sized Pop-Tart That's Really Just a Pie

August 28, 2017

A Pop-Tart-inspired slab pie makes a whole lot of sense: A slab pie is a consummate version of a Pop-Tart, but sized for a giant, and Pop-Tarts, as we all know, are basically dessert anyway. Treat them as such!

And, as a great as you remember Pop-Tarts to be, the slab pie version has the potential to be even better.

This one, an ode to the Frosted Strawberry (the #1-ranked flavor in Extra Crispy's bracket), is the brainchild of The Cooking of Joy—who was herself inspired by the S'mores Pop-Tart Slab Pie on the blog The Crepes of Wrath. It's complete with a sugary-smooth icing and rainbow sprinkles, but where Pop-Tarts are disappointing (the scant filling, the cardboardy "crust"), this pie has a jammy center made from fresh strawberries that's sandwiched between two buttery, flaky layers. (Does that make it more akin to a Toaster Strudel? You be the judge.)

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Plus it's more appropriate to serve a baking sheet of pie to a dessert-ready crowd than to toast twenty Pop-Tarts. Maybe more efficient, too.

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Top Comment:
“I don't recall glaze or sprinkles on the Brown Sugar Cinnamon pop tarts. I am not sure how I would make the filling. It had a thicker feel to it than just brown sugar and cinnamon.”
— FoodFreak

My one remaining hope and dream: that we all band together and commit to making slab pies in all Pop-Tart flavors. First priority: Brown Sugar Cinnamon. While Thrillist named it the twenty-fifth best Pop-Tart flavor (out of only twenty-seven on the list!), I strongly disagree. But slab-pie-ify any Pop-Tart that you love (excluding the Crush Orange flavor, of course).

This article originally ran in September 2016.

What's your favorite Pop-Tart flavor, and how would this translate into a slab pie? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Luciana
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    Nichele Hoskins
  • aargersi
  • Adam P
    Adam P
I used to work at Food52. I'm probably the person who picked all of the cookie dough out of the cookie dough ice cream.


Gainit1795 May 16, 2022
What ingredients would I need to swap out to make a s'mores version?
Luciana June 1, 2018
I'm going to make this but with a cherry filling for my son's bday. Not without a few practice runs - his bday is in December!
Nichele H. September 27, 2017
My favorite, unfrosted brown sugar cinnamon, was ranked dead last. It barely edges out chocolate fudge. Gooey jam-like fillings never appealed. BSC lovers, unite!
aargersi August 29, 2017
I join you on team brown sugar cinnamon!!
Adam P. August 28, 2017
I'm lactose intolerant. Could almond milk or something be substituted for the icing?
Joy H. August 28, 2017
Alli September 28, 2016
Would a brown sugar cinnamon version be like a chess pie? The texture of a chocolate chess pie seems like it would be good for BSC!
L. C. September 9, 2016
For brown sugar filling, what about a flour/brown sugar/butter/cinnamon combination similar to what you might use for a crumb topping? Maybe less flour and more brown sugar than the usual ratio.
Brenda S. September 9, 2016
Any thoughts on a recipe for a brown sugar cinnamon filling? the ingredients for the 'guts' of a cinnamon bun/roll seem like good starting point, but I have no idea as to ratios...
Victoria M. September 9, 2016
Brown Sugar is 25th????? Try number one.
L. C. September 9, 2016
Brown sugar cinnamon does have a glaze, a smooth glaze with no sprinkles. It is brown-sugar colored.
JessieV September 8, 2016
This is everything. I can't wait!!
FoodFreak September 8, 2016
I don't recall glaze or sprinkles on the Brown Sugar Cinnamon pop tarts. I am not sure how I would make the filling. It had a thicker feel to it than just brown sugar and cinnamon.
Pat B. September 8, 2016
Brown Sugar Cinnamon slathered with butter for the win!
Jessica M. September 8, 2016
BROWN SUGAR CINNAMON is definitely the best . . . HANDS DOWN!!
SharonKay September 8, 2016
If I use frozen berries, do I need to alter the recipe in any way? And they're all my favorites! Can't-even-choose. :)
Belinda September 4, 2016
Brown Sugar and cinnamon would be the best way to go.
Sharon L. September 4, 2016
Brown sugar cinnamon. Recipes like this make me sad that I'm gluten and dairy free. Really, really sad.
Kristin W. September 8, 2016
Cup4Cup Gluten free flour and a combination of almond milk and coconut milk. Honest! I have celiac and I am a HUGE food snob and this works!!
Kristin W. September 8, 2016
Oh, and earth balance sticks or palm shortening......I hope you try it!
Rebecca K. September 11, 2016
any additions necessary with the Cup4Cup (xanthan gum, etc.)? I miss brown sugar cinnamon Pop Tarts so...
Misty H. October 12, 2016
Cooks illustrated has an amazing gf pie crust recipe! I haven't tried making it dairy free, but I agree that earth balance is a pretty tasty sub for butter.
Kristin W. October 12, 2016
Cup4Cup's "wholesome flour" version has xanthan gum and no dairy.

L. C. September 3, 2016
I agree about Brown Sugar Cinnamon being the best. Everyone I know feels the same. Who is taking these surveys? Brown Sugar Cinnamon has to be in the top 5.
Anna F. September 2, 2016
this looks amazing. must try it asap!
PHIL September 2, 2016
my teeth hurt looking at that thing. SO much sugar.