11 Heartfelt Gifts That Can Be Yours This Year

November 15, 2016

Sign ups for our sixth annual Holiday Swap are well underway, but even if you’ve already signed up (you have, right?), you’ll have to exercise patience for a couple of weeks until you receive information about your Swapee.

While you wait, peruse a few of the highlights from past swaps—you just might spy a cookie you need to add to your package:

Ridiculously cute Earl Grey Tea cookies. Thanks for the idea @boneats! #food52secretswap #f52secretswap @food52

A photo posted by Liz Larkin (@sconeladylarkin) on

Feeling a little lost? The Holiday Swap is a community-wide food exchange (like a non-denominational Secret Santa for food-lovers) and Food52ers from all over the world join in. Here's everything you need to know to make sure you have the best experience possible.


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