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49 Gifts to Stuff in a Stocking

November 16, 2016

Everyone knows that the best part of Christmas is the stockings.

Age 5 or 95, there's something about a collection of little, unexpected treats that makes your insides all cozy-like.

Maybe you celebrate something else, or stockings aren't part of your tradition—but these 'lil gifts are perfect for any time you want to surprise someone with an, "I'm thinking about you." So here are 49 of our tiny, charming, magical, soft, sweet, make-you-giggle, thoughtful ideas. Let's fill 'er up, shall we?

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Tiny Things

1. A bitty baby succulent
2. Magic pearls that keep your crisp white wines chilly!
3. A micro building block set to build a mini giraffe
4. A baby Staub cocotte to use as a salt cellar or bake full of eggs

5. A food punny enamel pin
6. Palo Santo incense sticks
7. A wee whisk necklace
8. The tiniest, sweetest book collection: The Nutshell Library by Maurice Sendak

Baller Enamel Pin

Crafty Things

9. Delft temporary tattoos
10. A sweet downloadable embroidery pattern, along with a skein of embroidery thread, hoop, needle, and embroidery cloth...
11. Or a kit that has it all

Cactus Bird Embroidery Kit

12. A kit for growing your own herbs in the windowsill in a glass jar
13. A pocket-sized adult coloring book with mini colored pencils
14. Or a kid-friendly stained glass coloring book
15. For the snail-mailers, a wax seal stamp with their initial on it

Alphabet Wax Seal Stamp

Actually Useful Things

16. Our best didn’t-know-I-needed-it-but-now-I-can’t-live-without-it kitchen item: the egg coddler!

17. A tassel keychain that has a hidden phone charger
18. A selfie stick (don’t hate me)
19. A dopp kit (bonus points for filling it with travel sized toiletries)
20. Ice trays that actually work (and keep freezer smell out!

Things Will Work Out Print

21. A microplane
22. A good reminder
23. Really happy socks... Really, any kind of socks
24. Reusable silicone baggies—for lunch boxes, marinating, soud vide-ing, and more

Balloon Socks

Edible (or Drinkable) Things

25. Edible sugar doilies that float on top of tea or hot chocolate and amaze guests
26. Bourbon maple syrup, because pancakes
27. A U-pick retro candy bag
28. Mini finishing salt tins, to keep in purses and pockets

Edible Lace Rosette Sugar Doilies

29. Airplane bottles of Baileys (21 and over, only!)
30. A Carry-On Cocktail Kit, so you're not stuck with the airline's sorry excuse for a gin and tonic
31. Wee bottles of Tabasco

Mini Tabasco Bottles

Magical Things

32. A unicorn purse
33. Glow in the dark stars
34. A mushroom night light

Unicorn Purse
Magic Grow Capsules

35. Shiny pony drink stirrers
36. Astronaut ice cream
37. Magic grow capsules for bath time
38. Color changing balloons or...
39. Balloons that spell out their name

Gold Mylar Letter Balloons

The Classics

40. Clementines
41. Lottery scratchers
42. Gold coins
43. Twinkly lights

The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton

44. Used paperbacks of your favorite classics. (Mine is Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth.)
45. A sparky nail polish
46. Super-luxe, great smelling spa toiletries
47. Mad Libs! (Printables!)
48. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm
49. A handmade ornament they'll keep forever

Essie Rock at the Top Nail Polish

OK, I'm off to find a bigger stocking.

What are you favorite things to stuff in your loved ones' stockings? Got any stocking "donts"? Tell us in the comments below!

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Victoria M. November 16, 2016
My mom fills our stockings with useful beauty gifts for the year ahead. She will buy most at Costco in bulk and split them up between our stockings. Think Sonic Care Toothbrush heads, Clarisonic (face brush?) heads, a tube of mascara, travel size toiletries, etc. I love starting the year with fresh everything! Not to mention all those little things add up--especially when you buy them individually in NYC, so I appreciate the savings. (Can you tell I am an accountant?)
Olivia B. November 16, 2016
I have a friend that does something similar! Her mom puts together a "Necessity Box" for each kid—that has all their usual shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, face washes, etc. It's so nice!