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Our Best Headlines of 2016 (+ Some Not-So-Good Ones)

December 29, 2016

With every headline we write at Food52, we hope to accomplish a whole lot, in precious little space.

Our first goal is, of course, to be clear about what you’ll be getting when you click into an article. If we've done our job, the breadcrumbs are there to let you know whether you'll find a long read or a video, a roundup of lazy summer dinner recipes or a how-to on making 3-day ricotta gnudi, a cookbook review or primer on table-setting or a dive into pop culture.

And we try to express all of this in as few words as possible, all while showing a glimpse of our (friendly, curious, oddball) personalities.

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Let's be clear: We don't always get it right. Sometimes we skew hyperbolic (and you kindly let us know), or make surprising punctuation choices. And then there was this mind maze:

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Look away! If you read it too many times, you'll open up a wormhole to another dimension. Instead, let's celebrate some of the best headlines of the year—the ones that made us (or, at the very least, me) smile, made us think, and made us want to read, cook, watch, drink, bake, build, debate, and learn.

16 of Our Best Headlines of 2016

  1. 5 Times I Kinda Stepped In It at Smitten Kitchen
  2. In Sickness, in Health, in White Castle
  3. No Matter What You Do, Your Turkey Will Be Just Fine
  4. What Google Can’t Tell Us About "the Best" Philly Cheese Steak Recipe
  5. In 1987, Betty Crocker Wanted to Feed You a Thing Called "Pudding Roll-Ups"
  6. Contrary to Internet Reports, You Cannot Defrost a Steak in Five Minutes
  7. A Peach Cobbler That's Maybe Cake and Definitely Bakes in a Pool of Butter
  8. Your Tomato Guts Have a New Purpose In Life
  9. Rachel Roddy Went to Rome with Nothing, Came Away with a Cookbook Deal
  10. How I Went From Blankly Staring at Bottles to Whisky Aficionado
  11. 19 of Our Peachiest (& Nectariniest) Recipes
  12. Our Semi-Definitive Guide to Potato Salads
  13. How I Broke All Marie Kondo's Rules & Still Tidied My Kitchen
  14. Is "Best" Now the Worst Way to Describe a Recipe?
  15. And the Award for Squishiest Cake Goes To...
  16. In 1970, Heinz Made a Woman Tap Dance on an 8-Foot Can of Soup

What do you hope to see in the headlines of 2017? Tell us in the comments. We'll try not to open up any more wormholes.

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sydney December 29, 2016
A mis-title I meant to comment on but never did (wasn't logged on when I saw it) was about some 'Fix-It Sauce For Anything' that wasn't any type of 'fix-it' at all but simply another sauce idea. Title suggested that it was a way to repair broken or ruined sauces, but wasn't.