50 Impossibly Easy, Slightly Lazy, 100% Reliable Summer Dinners

June 14, 2017

Dragging open a can of anchovies. Cubing cold, snappy vegetables to toss in a mustard jar vinaigrette. Spooning anything at all onto toast, with pepper and cheese and salt. There's something wonderfully languid about making summer dinners, the kind that come half-prepped right from the produce bag (or, okay, pasta box). The best are not just easy but also quick, even unnervingly so. "Didn't I just open the fridge?" you'll say to yourself, sitting down to Brie-cloaked noodles and tomatoes. Or skillet-grilled fish tacos. Or the undeniable genius of a salad made from cornbread.

Here are 50 impossibly easy, quick-to-prep dinners for the coming summer, depending on just what kind of cooking you feel like doing.

Chop, Dress, Toss, Serve—It's Salad Night!

Mixing the dressing is the hardest part (and you can always shake it in a jar).

Fish, Fish, Get Your Wish (And Your Dinner)

Some fresh, some canned, all briny and plucky no matter how you spin them.

Very Nice to Meat You, and You, and You...

For the quickest dinner, turn to ground meats like pork and chicken—or turn on your grill.

Noodle Night in America and Also Everywhere

Plucking a noodle from the starchy water to test its doneness is the most complicated step.

Between the Buns (and On Top of Just One of Them)

Toast (or fry), top with whatever's in front of you, then eat it fork-and-knife style.

All You Need is Eggs

In life and in love, but also in frittatas, noodles, and skillet situations.

This article was originally published in June last year. It has been updated to include more recipes.

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shy August 16, 2016
looks awesome
HalfPint June 27, 2016
Made Merrill's Pasta Tomato Basil & Brie last night. Still fantastic even with hothouse tomatoes (I didn't get a chance to get to the farmer's market).