The Danish That Goes Exceedingly Well With Champagne & PJs

December 29, 2016

New Year’s Eve is a holiday I have little patience for and barely celebrate. I have two methods of coping: Either I leave the country for someplace that isn’t teeming with tourists and Best Night Ever! cavorters, or I stay home in my pajamas, drinking Champagne and eating something outrageously luxurious while watching old movies.

Photo by Aubrie Pick

A few years ago I was going with Option 2 and hadn’t figured out what my lavish culinary indulgence would be. Then I read something Amanda Hesser wrote about her mother’s Danish, and I became dead set on perfecting my own. There was no kneading required, and I just had to proof the dough overnight in the fridge. Filling and twisting it was just as painless.

It was so good, I didn’t bother to let it cool and wait for the stupid ball to drop. I stood in my kitchen, ignoring everything else, as I stuck my fork in a slice, repeatedly, before cutting a second, larger piece. Later, when I got the idea to use pistachio paste in the filling, I knew I was going to see fireworks. Cherry and pistachio are a pastry power couple; theirs is a lusty, electric love for the ages. That first taste of Danish is like one of those Crash Davis–style “long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days.” And now, December 31st can’t come soon enough.

This recipe appears in Charlotte Druckman's new book, Stir, Sizzle, Bake.

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Written by: chardrucks


Gotthescoop January 1, 2017
Okay, I skipped the frigeration step let rise for about 4 hours. Also skipped the 40 min rise before the oven step and it turned out marvelous. Everything else I followed the recipe. Truly delish! Thx!
chardrucks January 21, 2017
Gotthescoop December 31, 2016
Do you have to put in fridge or can you let rise for several hours and then again before baking.
chardrucks December 31, 2016
You probably could do a shorter rise at room temperature, yes. Putting it in the fridge has the added bonus of allowing the dough's flavors to intensify (including the yeast flavor). I haven't tried doing the first rise at room temp, so I can't vouch for it. But I think you'd be a-okay, and if you do it that way, please report back.
Mkilfoyle December 29, 2016
Where did you find pistachio paste? Amazon has it for $50 bucks a jar!!!
Mkilfoyle December 29, 2016
Oops that price was for 3 jars.. not so bad..
chardrucks December 29, 2016
I like the Love'n Bake stuff, which you can get via King Arthur: http://www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/all-natural-pistachio-paste-11-oz

A freshly made artisanal pistachio paste would probably be BONKERS good, but it's not as easy to find and $$$.