Our Latest Chocolatey #f52grams Was Packed with Cakes, Parfaits, and More


Our Latest Chocolatey #f52grams Was Packed with Cakes, Parfaits, and More

January 13, 2017

We rung in the new year with chocolate (and lots of it) and partnered with Valrhona, a favorite of our test kitchen, to get things started with a week's worth of chocolate on Instagram.

If you had to write a non-exhaustive list of our favorite things, chocolate—real, rich chocolate—would be right up at the top. Which is why, for one of our latest #f52grams contests, we asked you what you were making with chocolate to celebrate the new year. And oh, you did—from flourless chocolate cake and huge, crinkly-around-the-edges chocolate chip cookies to chocolate mousse topped with cinnamon (!) whipped cream and sea salt.

Here are 6 our favorite chocolaty shots:

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Congrats to our winner, whose espresso buttercream-covered chocolate cake had us practicing our piping skills (and finding more reasons to eat frosting).

Salted caramel blondie parfaits that look almost too pretty to eat...almost.

Salted Caramel Blondie Parfaits for everyone!! Happy Almost New Year home slices!! 🍾 I had HUGE plans of putting together an awesome tart to celebrate...but damnnnnn December has kicked my ass. Instead I whipped up these easy peasy Salted Caramel Blondie Parfaits. Which blew my tired ass away...SOO GOOD + so quick. Done. ✔️The link to the blondie recipe is in my profile 👆🏼Here's how you do it: ...make the blondies first thing and shove in the fridge to cool (this makes them extra chewy). Chop them up and then layer in lightly sweetened whipped cream, some type of crunchiness ( I used @valrhonausa Caramelia Crunch (obsessed) but you could also use a chopped up caramel bar or nuts 😬) + chocolate shavings. Use cute Weck jars, mini Mason jars or some scotch glasses that have been collecting dust behind the bar. Shimmy your ham hocks into a sequined little number and let's do this!!! Wishing you all the very best, safest and happiest of New Year's!!! 💋💋💋PS could someone please come teach me how to shoot on a dark + cloudy day? 🙏🏻 This is part of the #nocrumbsleftnapa2016 crew's #virtualpotluck for New Year's Eve + Day. Be sure to check out @nocrumbsleft @bazaarlazarr @c.r.a.v.i.n.g.s @rainydaybites @thelemonapron @thecooksinthekitchen @husbandsthatcook @abisfarmhousekitchen @cookbycolor #thefeedfeed #thursdaymoments #displacedhousewife #nytfood #howiholiday #bloglovinfood #foodstyling #thebakefeed #waffles #kingarthurflour #madewithkitchenaid #valrhonausa

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Yup, this guy's flourless (we know).

Our kind of cookies have crinkly edges and are as big as our face. (Although, to be honest, most cookies are our kind of cookies.)

Top chocolate mousse with cinnamon whipped cream and sea salt for something extra special.

Mini peanut butter cups (with extra peanuts on top and sea salt) are proof good things come in small packages.

Thanks for showing us and Valrhona what you were making this holiday season.

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