The Piglet

Piglet Day 2: Two Books That Might Very Well Represent our American Divides

February 23, 2017

Day 2 has writer and novelist Rachel Khong calling the shots between Victuals and Koreatown.

Photo by Bobbi Lin, brawny doodles by Sarah Jampel.

Read the judgment here.

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Claire S. February 24, 2017
Just a general note - be careful of updating the recipe page for email subscribers. Day 3 is already posted for the recipe, but only Day 2 of the competition is updated!
Barbara S. February 24, 2017
I am having the same problem as Beth100.<br />
Beth100 February 23, 2017
Hmm... i've signed up twice, and received a " thanks !" Response, but I have yet to receive an email. Have you begun sending them?