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The Charity Food52 Will Support This Year

March 17, 2017

An update! The votes are in, and we have a clear consensus: Food52 will support No Kid Hungry in 2017. In the next week, we'll lay out a few initial plans for raising money for No Kid Hungry, and more will evolve over the course of the year—we'll keep you posted as they do. Thanks so much for your part in steering our charitable giving!

—Amanda & Merrill

Hello Food52ers!

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We’re happy to be back with more follow up on your feedback from our November letter. In addition to broadening the diversity of our content and team, you asked us to more clearly define our approach to charitable giving.

While we have made donations to various causes (like every year for the Holiday Swap or when we cooked to help in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts), we haven't been particularly strategic in our focus. Last year, for instance, Edible Schoolyard became our de facto cause because it's an organization that many on our team know and trust.

Starting now we'll be putting even more thought and direction into our giving. We'll choose one cause per calendar year and then contribute to this cause through various initiatives like events, product collaborations, and campaigns on-site. Who better to help select this organization than you, our Food52 Community?

We've heard from some of you already on the organizations you stand by, and we've gathered many of our own, too. For this inaugural year, a theme of hunger and food insecurity emerged from all of your suggestions and so we narrowed our list to focus on these issues. Please take a look below, explore the links, and then cast your vote for one of the organizations on this list in the comments. Voting will close on March 15th—then we'll announce the chosen organization and share our initial thoughts on this year's events and initiatives that will involve donations.

—Amanda & Merrill

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  • Phillie Filly
    Phillie Filly
  • Panfusine
  • Carol Freise
    Carol Freise
  • Joellen Silberman
    Joellen Silberman
  • Jules
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Phillie F. March 17, 2017
Leah's Pantry please!
Panfusine March 17, 2017
No Kid Hungry, I remember Giving table had organized a 'food bloggers against hunger' campaign where they asked for recipes that could feed an individual for under 4.00 $s. Maybe Food52 could curate a similar collection and make that into a book, with the proceeds adding to the giving.
AntoniaJames March 18, 2017
Such a great idea, Panfusine! ;o)
Carol F. March 11, 2017
Action Against Hunger. Thank you for your focus on this critical issue.
Joellen S. March 11, 2017
No Kid Hungry.
Jules March 10, 2017
No Kid Hungry, although these are all worthy organizations.
Tina C. March 10, 2017
No Kid Hungry. How can we educate the next generation when so many arrive at school hungry?
Medora V. March 10, 2017
Action Against Hunger
Betty March 10, 2017
My vote goes to Action Against Hunger - I believe that the most urgent need at this moment is in Southern Sudan, where I read yesterday that 100 people are dying daily, many of them children.
Barbara March 9, 2017
Leah's Pantry
jennifer T. March 9, 2017
No Kid Hungry
Barbara W. March 9, 2017
Empty Bowls Project - they have done great things in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM
SWL March 9, 2017
No Kid Hungry
Beth March 9, 2017
The Hunger Project
Beverly A. March 9, 2017
The Hunger Project
sjlongin March 9, 2017
No Kid Hungry
Lee A. March 9, 2017
1. No Kid Hungry(I like their nationwide focus); 2. Action Against Hunger (great financial ratings and their help to people all over the world).
katie March 9, 2017
No Kid Hungry!
clare March 9, 2017
My vote is for The Hunger Project. Although it was difficult to choose only one. Any of these organizations would be so worthy of your support and I'm sure, very grateful for it. Thank you so much for making your donation!
vanessakm March 9, 2017
The Hunger Project. All of these are worthy recipients.
Coco C. March 9, 2017
Action Against Hunger - they have one of the highest overall scores among international development and relief organizations and have achieved ten consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator.