Watch How to Turn a Bag of Popcorn into a Batch of Granola (& Breakfast)

May 17, 2017

Here's how you eat popcorn for breakfast: Mix it into granola! We partnered with Sharp Home Appliances to show you how to whip it up and what to do with it—besides sneaking handfuls—once it's made.

If popcorn for breakfast sounds like your kind of thing, you have found your people.

When staff writer Sarah Jampel delved into the myth of popcorn cereal, she concluded that while a soggy bowl of milk and popcorn might not be an ideal meal, there was a kernel (sorry) of an idea there. By showering the popcorn in some kind of sugary coating (like kettle corn or caramel corn), you can keep it crunchy on the outside and soft-ish on the inside when the liquid hits.

To make popcorn granola, just substitute popped popcorn for the oats in Nekisia Davis' Genius Granola (or another favorite recipe). You'll want to add a lot more popcorn than oats (start by doubling the volume) to make up for the density discrepancy, but after that, you can proceed with the recipe as written.

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So try it out on your own! Get a primer for what's in store by watching the video above, then grab the recipe below. Mix it into whatever your heart delights: Top off yogurt (or ice cream!), stir it into cookie or scone dough, mix it into waffle batter, eat it like cereal... the list goes on.

We partnered with Sharp Home Appliances to show you how to make—and play with!—popcorn granola. Sharp's Stainless Steel Countertop Microwave Oven is Orville Redenbacher’s®-approved (that means their popcorn pops tip-top in it!). Read more about Sharp's high-quality appliances here.

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Sara A. May 17, 2017
"Makes more than one person can eat," huh?

Challenge accepted.