Permission to Snack on Croutons Like You've Always Wanted

June 16, 2017

We partnered with Galliano to share what we'll be serving during our own aperitivi all summer long.

You know you do it, anyways: Make croutons, but a few more than end up in the salad. Buy boxes of croutons without the intention of ever making a salad.

Dislodged from dressing and leaves, croutons hit all the notes of the ideal snackage and appetizer carb: salty, crunchy, bready, amenable to whim. But this endorsement comes with a caveat—please make your own croutons. Not only do they take five seconds and are substantially better texturally than store-bought versions, but you can add seasonings to suit your occasion’s other dishes.

Cheers to breadcrumbs! Photo by James Ransom

Peter Miller, who resurrected office lunch-making from the doldrums in his first book Lunch At the Shop, also endorses croutons sans salad; in his new book, Five Ways to Cook Asparagus (And Other Recipes), he has a whole recipe to showcase them, called “Croutons on Their Own Fine Merit.”

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Yes, we say! Forget the tortilla chips, or crackers, or toasting bread that'll make people full before dinner during cocktail hour. “Croutons love company,” Miller advocates in the headnote, and while we’re not sure if he means other snacks or us, we agree with both scenarios. Here are just some of the dips and doodads we’d like cozying up to our croutons:

How to Make Breadcrumbs

Garlic or Olive Bread Croutons with:

Seeded Croutons with:

Herbed croutons with:

Cornbread croutons with:

We're pretty into the Italian tradition of aperitivo, so we partnered with Galliano to celebrate the launch of their new Apertivo liqueur. Share how you’re hosting your own on Instagram by tagging @DrinkGalliano and #GallianoMoments for the chance to win an Italian aperitivo kit.

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Lynnie July 15, 2017
Heh heh .... we are already crouton-munchers. I particularly favor Alice Waters brilliantly easy Garlic Crouton recipe from one of her recent Simple Food cookbooks. I like a slightly whole grain bread so my go-to loaf is Whole Foods "Seeduction" loaf, baked in house. But hey...other good bread is a-ok too! Plenty of good olio. This article is good, with great ideas to expand crouton crunching habits. Nice!
Lisa June 24, 2017
When I read this, I was like "Yes!" - now i don't have to feel guilty for doing this - it is a thing! :)